frequently asked questions


Do you do delivery?

Yes! We do delivery in Los Angeles. To place an order email Minimum order size is $100. Download our menu to see pricing.

Where can I buy Positive meals?

Positive is available at select retail stores around Los Angeles. For a complete list of where you can buy Positive, click here.

Does Positive have a store?

Not yet. Right now we're focusing on making Positive available at existing stores where good drinks but bad food are being sold. 


Where is your kitchen?

Our kitchen is located in El Segundo. We work out of a 10,000 square foot industrial production facility and it's where all Positive meals are made. 


Do you make everything from scratch?

Yes, even the dressings. 

Where does your food come from?

We buy food ingredients from the best growers and producers in California. On occasion we source from other places, if we are unable to find the right quality products locally. For a complete list of the farms and producers our food comes from, click here.